Blister Card Manufacturing FAQ

Our manufacturing process sets us apart from the rest of the blister card printers in the industry.

Blister Board

blister card stock

All of our blister cards are printed on 100% genuine blister board, providing omnidirectional fiber tear which makes it the serious choice for traditional blister applications. The ultrasmooth surface of our premium-coated, one-sided blister delivers uncompromised printability, while the 100 percent fiber tear equals strength, durability, and total sealability. The manufacturing and coating formulas provide guaranteed adhesion, making it the hassle-free solution for all your face blister applications. Blister card stock is available in calipers ranging from 12 pt. to 26 pt.

Print Quality

blister card coating

All our package printing projects go through a rigorous quality control process and blister card projects are no exception! We are a G7 Master Qualified printer, meaning we are part of a select group of print service providers who have successfully completed training, examination and qualification of their print production processes, validating their capabilities to the highest level of global industry standards and specifications. With the strict standards, you can feel confident your packaging will look it's best!

Blister Coating

blister card coating

Our solvent based coating insures a perfect seal every time with minimal dwell times. The last thing you need are cards that require you to slow down your process to seal them, we have customized our process with our customer's production schedule in mind.

Customer Service

blister card customer service

We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfill our customer's unique needs. For custom applications, short runs or quick turn-arounds; Printing and Packaging will strive to exceed your expectations!