Skin Board Packaging Resources

In addition to providing your skin card printing needs, we would also like to recommend these other excellent partners to assist you in the skin board packaging process.

Skin Film Suppliers

Skin Packaging Film Supplier

In addition to the skin boards, you will also need an experienced plastics to supply your skin film. We recommend the following companies:
Visual Packaging

Skin Board Packaging Machines

Skin Packaging Equipment

In order to seal and die cut your skin boards you will need to purchase a quality piece of equipment. We recommend the following skin packaging equipment suppliers:
Starview Packaging - New Equipment Offerings
Frain Group - Used Equipment Offerings
Visual Packaging - New & Used Equipment Offerings

Product Packaging Companies

Skin Packaging Company

If you would like to avoid the up front cost of purchasing equipment and the time involved in packaging, the best bet is to hire a professional packaging company. We recommend:
Watauga Opportunities