File Requirements

All artwork must have 1/8″ bleed.
(Bleed is the part of an image that extends beyond the trim size)

Bleed Specs

All artwork must have 1/8″ margin from all die cuts/trim lines.
(Margin is the distance from the die cut to parts of the artwork that aren’t intended to bleed)

Margin Specs

All images should have an effective resolution of at least 300 ppi.
(Click here for more information about effective resolution)

If your artwork is not at least 300 ppi (pixels per inch), the quality of print will suffer. If quality is not a concern, we cant output from a low resolution file if you so desire.

PDF format is the preferred file submission format.
(Click here  to download our Adobe presets or to learn more about creating PDFs)

Using the PDF format will streamline your order and reduce the turn-around
on your proof. If you need assistance in creating your file, please feel free
to contact our pre-press department.

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